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This book includes a foreword written by the Lead Guide of Riverfeet Fly Fishing (Daniel Rice), and published by our sister company, Riverfeet Press. The text is an indespensible reference for anglers new and experienced.


From the pages: “As the years go by, I clearly remember the fishing and the scenery, and I have my old fishing logs for reference … In time, the focal point of an adventure may fade to a particular fish, vision of landscape, or a special wildlife encounter; the reason for being there. A fish is sometimes memorable due to size, but is more often remembered because of the circumstances, the particular challenge, the color and appearance, or a special location on a stream.”


From the foreword: "As you read this book, you will be streamside with him (David). In these pages you will find stories, experiences, and wisdom. These have been earned by David and belong to him. After reading this book, they will belong to you as well."

Familiar Waters: A Lifetime of Fly Fishing Montana


    Guiding Southwest Virginia and Eastern Tennessee.

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