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When it's a nymph kinda day

We love running nymphs down a small stream on a gorgeous day, way back in them hills of SWVA!

The mountain trout streams we fish get a fair amount of angling pressure, but it is mostly focused on the weekends. When we venture out mid-week, it is common for us to cover multiple miles of freestone streams without seeing another angler. For us, that's a huge part of fishing -- the immersion in solitude and natural landscapes that help scrape away the rush and stress of everyday living. The fish appreciate it, also -- being much more eager and confident to snatch a fly when they haven't seen another artificial impression for a while.

Late June through early July is a time of transitioning from the abundance of hatches that occur earlier in the season, and the plethora of terrestrial action that's about to happen. Through these weeks we will occasionally cast dry flies when the circumstances permit, but most of our success comes from running nymphs through deep cool pools that are directly below a riffle or cascade.

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