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Signs of spring. These little stoneflies (Megaleuctra williamsae) were coming out of the North Holston river today as air temps rose above 60. Anchored up the kayak and reeled in my line to watch them for a bit. At one point there were seven of them on my pant leg. Then I saw some North Holston smallmouth bass rise up and eat them on the surface. It's cool to see how this species of fish behaves similar to trout when living in flowing water.

Air temps are looking good for the next few days before rain comes in, so if you're fishing the Blue Ridge area be prepared with some size 8-12 adult stoneflies, dark brown/black. The higher mountain streams are likely still too cool with the shade cover, but any of the lower water should be ready for some larger dry fly presentations to trout and/or bronzebacks...

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