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In 2011, Dan Rice (founder of Riverfeet Fly Fishing and Riverfeet Press) resigned from his position as a Hydrologist for the USGS in Wyoming, and moved alone into a wall tent deep in the forests of northern Minnesota. This book is a first hand account of his time in the wilderness, listening to wolves howl after dark, close encounters with curious bears, and his pursuit of smallmouth bass and muskie in the river beside camp.


"Rice is a poet, and wilderness is his muse." -Robert Roberg, Smithsonian Folk Artist


“Today I am an unemployed writer living as a recluse in the great Northwoods.” So begins this journal of wilderness and solitude from the author of THIS SIDE OF A WILDERNESS. THE UNPEOPLED SEASON is his daily record of the four months in isolation. But it is more than a catalog of events. It is a compassionate and introspective quest into mankind’s connection to wild places. He writes with humor about his follies and foibles, shares technical know-how about setting up camp, ruminates on fishing, introduces wild animals, and discusses the often invigorating, occasionally disconcerting, task of confronting solitude.

The Unpeopled Season


    Guiding Southwest Virginia and Eastern Tennessee.

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