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Guiding the Blue Ridge Mountains region of Southwest Virginia and Eastern Tennessee.

Mountain Valley Rivers

Abingdon, VA

Riverfeet Fly Fishing Smallmouth Bass.jpg

Located at private access on a remote mountain valley fishery north of Abingdon, VA, and flowing through beautiful blue ridge scenery, these valley rivers are gems of smallmouth bass fisheries. The many mountain tributaries bring in cool water loaded with nutrients, the riverbed is a mix of freestone and bedrock, which provides excellent habitat, with alternating series of riffles and runs, plus there's minimal public access so the fish rarely see another artificial fly. Our day trips to this river are a mix of float and wade fishing. The crystal-clear water can provide a challenge, so strategic presentations are important here. Most fish are in the 10-15 inch range, but this river provides excellent opportunities for 20+ inch bronzebacks - the fightingest freshwater fish of the fly!

Half Day Float/Wade Trip

Full Day Float/Wade Trip

Clinch Mountain Streams

Abingdon, VA

There are a multitude of freestone trout streams that come tumbling out of the Clinch Mountain area of SWVA. These clear flowing fisheries fluctuate almost daily with their water levels, which affects the insect activity and determines how and where the fish are feeding. We know these streams well, as they exist in our "backyard" and even when we aren't fishing, we're monitoring their conditions regularly. These are truly beautiful mountain streams ranging in size from 10-50 feet wide, with riffles and runs reminiscent of the high elevation streams in the west. The big difference here is the deep pools that exist below the cliff cutouts that provide excellent habitat where selective trout can grow much larger than you'd expect for a small stream. If you're looking for a wade fishing trip where scenery is supreme, trout are selective, with the chance of catching 20+ inch fish from small water on light tackle, then this is your spot.

Half Day Wade Trip

Full Day Wade Trip

Big Tumbling Creek, Riverfeet Fly Fishing
SWVA Trout Stream, Riverfeet Fly Fishing
SWVA Trout Stream, Riverfeet Fly Fishing

Mount Rogers
Recreation Area

Damascus, VA

These small freestone streams are legendary in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and have been featured in national publications such as American Fly Fishing and Fly Fisherman Magazine. For good reason too. With a healthy mix of brown, rainbow and native brook trout who are all eager to take a fly. These streams have pretty good public access, so the best fishing generally involves a little bit of hiking, biking, or long-distance wading to reach the prime locations where fewer anglers tread. The effort goes a long way in rewards, as you'll be immersed in beautiful natural landscapes and fishing sections of streams that take you back in time. At least some moderate fly fishing experience is suggested for these streams as there is some technical wading and challenging casting involved.

Half Day Hike/Bike/Wade Trip

Full Day Hike/Bike/Wade Trip

***pricing does not include optional bike rentals***

Riverfeet Fly Fishing, Abingdon, VA

Mountain Lakes

Blue Ridge Mountains, SWVA

These high elevation lakes offer tranquility and stunning scenery. We mostly fish these lakes from kayaks or drift boats, but under the right circumstances, opportunities for wade fishing exist. These lakes have high populations of game fish, but they can sometimes be difficult to find unless you are familiar with the specific habitat of each water body. We fish these lakes year-round, and really enjoy the chance to stretch out a long cast, and either strip a streamer or plug a popper across the calm surface. Each lake varies slightly, but the popular game fish here are trout, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, pike and walleye.

Half Day Float/Wade Trip

Full Day Float/Wade Trip

Riverfeet Fly Fishing, Abingdon, VA
Riverfeet Fly Fishing Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains Guides

Weekday Warrior

Monday-Friday Evenings

This option is for those of you who are grinding away at the nine-to-five. Are your weekends always busy? Do you get off of work and need some time on the water to decompress? Let us take you fishing! We will cater these trips based on the timeframe you have available. Whether it's two hours or five, we know the perfect spot to get you out on the water and away from the worries.

Up to three hours

Single angler: $200

Two anglers: $250

Over three hours

Single angler: $75 per hour

Two anglers: $100 per hour

Guiding Southwest Virginia and Eastern Tennessee.

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